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Huang, Chen-Ming

Huang, Chen-Ming

Mr. Huang graduated from Chinese Culture University, Department of Chinese Music and he was got the art master degree in Fo Goung University Institute of Art Studies. He established CFMW in 1991, and serves as the president and artistic director, he is also a professor in Chinese Culture University, department of Chinese Music.

Mr. Huang work for extend the traditional sizhu music, he made a lot of sizhu music concerts for Chai Found Music Workshop, also hold many solo concerts.

In 1991, Mr. Huang had founded Chai Found Music Workshop, he lead Chai Found Music Workshop has a different performance style with other Chinese sizhu music group, and sooner Chai Found Music Workshop become a well-known Chinese sizhu music group in Taiwan.

In 2005, Chai Found Music Workshop made a new and epoch-marking style performance – “Eastern Instrumental Theatre Ⅰ-Ambush!”.

In 2007, Mr. Huang tried to combine rock and electrical music into Chinese music instruments to make the “Eastern legends- Chinese rock music”.

In 2009, he made the “Eastern Instrumental Theatre Ⅱ- A journey of monkey king!”

In 2011, Mr. Huang made the final Eastern Instrumental Theatre Ⅲ- Wuji”. His rich music accomplishment and vision, led Chai Found Music Workshop went to the internationally renowned arts festival and admire by many international art commentators. From 1991 to 2010, his performance experience was extend to America, Canada, England, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Netherland, Croatia, Lithuania, Philippines, Costa Rica, Japan, Korea, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong….