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Eastern Legends has a different performance style and type, it combined the rock and electrical music, also rendered in rock and techno style, featuring in splendid lighting design and minutely choreographed movements of the musicians, close to the Taiwan young society with passion and lively temperament

The feature of performance

Eastern Legends emphasize the popular culture, from the well-known composer to combine rock music and traditional Chinese music, launched the new style Chinese music with "innovation but keep the tradition," "popular but without losing its charm." Performers also get rid of the traditional framework to stand in all performance and recite the notation with lively body combine the dazzling stage and lighting effects to give audiences a different visual and auditory experience.

Performance Milestones

1.For its premiere in April 2007 a world record was challenged: over 1000 erhu players of all ages gathered in Taipei to perform jointly with the musicians of Chai Found Music Workshop.

2. Eastern Legends has been staged in every major city of Taiwan and went on an extended tour for two months in United States and Canada in fall on 2008.

3. In 2010, CFMW also join the open ceremony of Taipei Culture Center in Tokyo and being the guest performers for celebrates.

4. Since 2012, CFMW has added the new creative songs. On April 7 in Kaohsiung Wei Wu Ying Center of the Arts, the day attracted more than six thousand audiences, subvert the audiences for traditional Chinese music stereotype.

5. Since 2012, CFMW has started to join the Art Festival which was held by Carrefour Foundation.

Recommend Occasion

Professional Art Festival

Medium or Large event of opening ceremony or closing ceremony

Celebration event, Opening Ceremony, Dinner Party, Exhibition and Meeting, Temple Activities.

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